Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Interview with Jeff Moad, Research Director,
Frost & Sullivan

The CIO Impact Awards honor companies or individuals who enable breakthrough new business models and strategies through the innovative use of transformative technologies. Prior to winning an award in the cloud computing category for the global Medical Technologies registration system
LICENSALE.COM™, the Arazy Group team spoke with CIO Impact Awards coordinator Jeff Moad.

At the awards ceremony on February 10th 2015 in San Francisco, CA, USA, Arazy Group also won the Innovator of the Year award, which is given to the top two award-winners with the most outstanding impact on strategic innovation and significant competitive advantage. Arazy Group was represented by President & CEO Benjamin Arazy.

Q: How long have the CIO Impact Awards been awarded and how has the quality of the candidates and winners evolved since that time?

JM: “The CIO Impact Awards are an exciting and relatively new project from Frost & Sullivan currently in their second year. Compared to 2014, there were significantly more nominations and the CIO Impact Awards judges were more impressed with the nominees, scoring the nominees 72% higher on average. The competition was much fiercer as a result.”

Q: How does the jury select candidates for these awards and what are the attributes of an ideal candidate?

JM: “Organizations enter their projects into the program using an online form to describe and nominate the project. The nominations are vetted and scored by a panel of expert judges, which include past CIO Impact Awards winners and Frost & Sullivan expert analysts. Judges look for projects that display exemplary innovation with the potential to transform the market through their technology.”

Q: What criteria are considered in selecting the winners?

JM:  “Applications are judged in eight categories and the winners for each category are selected based on evaluations from a panel of expert judges. The CIOs (Chief Information Officer) whose nominations receive the highest scores are designated as CIO Impact Awards winners and the CIO receiving the highest score in each of the eight project categories is selected as a CIO Innovator of the Year. Judges score nominations on the following five criteria: Process Impact; Bottom-Line Business Impact; Degree of IT/Business Alignment; Appropriate use of Technology; and Project Scale.”

Q:  In your opinion, what made LICENSALE.COM™ stand out to the jury?

JM: “The CIO Impact Awards Judges were clearly impressed with LICENSALE.COM's potential to transform the MedTech market by enabling providers to much more rapidly create global markets for their new product innovations. This will not only remove constraints to rapid strategic market expansion, it will make it easier for patients in emerging markets to get the medical care they need.”

Q: In your opinion, what does the LICENSALE.COM™ technology contribute to the profile of the winners this year?

JM:LICENSALE.COM contributes an example of a game-changing entrepreneurial venture enabled by cloud technology. Arazy Group is demonstrating that even a relatively small company can use this ubiquitous technology to disrupt and improve very large markets.”

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